HolyJS, a large Russian conference for JavaScript developers, will take place on November 8-9, 2019 in Moscow. It should not be confused with numerous frontend conferences: the talks will be not only about the frontend, but also the backend, the desktop, and work with hardware.

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world (according to GitHub and RedMonk), but there was no Russian JS conference before. We have changed it: HolyJS brings under one roof more than 1000 JS developers ready to discuss technical problems with JavaScript experts from all around the world.

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HolyJS 2019 Moscow, November 8-9, Moscow

Even if you have already visited dozens of cities, Moscow will always have a place in your heart. This is the largest Russian city with over 12 millions of citizens.

There is a great variety of landmarks in Moscow, some of them were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most famous are: the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Armoury Chamber. If you plan to stay in Moscow for a while, don't forget to pay a visit to the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and the Tretyakov Gallery.

By the way, you'll also have an opportunity to enjoy a symphony of Russian cuisine, national drinks and spirits :) Evening Moscow offers its guests a wide range of entertainment that will satisfy even the demanding ones.

We invite you to get acquainted with this city as a speaker at our conference!


Architecture of modern JS applications;
Client Side: best practices, performance, memory management;
Node.js: best practices, performance, memory management;
JS engines (V8, SpiderMonkey, ChakraCore, etc.);
Optimizing JS applications;
Client-server synchronization, client-side data storage;
Working with graphics and VR (WebGL, D3.js, etc.);
Mobile apps (ReactNative, VueNative, NativeScript, etc.);
Web API (Bluetooth, Network API, IndexedDB, Web Notifications, etc.);
UI development;
Desktop apps (Electron, NW.js, etc.);
JS on devices, IoT;
Security in JS;
Tools' development with JS;
JS and the ECMAScript specification;
Typescript, ClojureScript, Elm, Dart, etc;
Application testing;
Build tools;
JS developer workflow.


Speakers of the previous conferences, for the most part, need no introduction. And among them there is always a place for new stars!

Vitaly FriedmanSmashing Magazine
Douglas CrockfordPayPal
Lea VerouCSAIL at MIT
Denis RadinLiberty Global
Martin SplittGoogle
Axel Rauschmayeresnextnews
Roman Dvornovavito
Anjana VakilÜberResearch
Denys MishunovDigital Garden AS
Claudia HernándezDailymotion
Ryan Dahl
Vyacheslav EgorovGoogle
Isa SilveiraWork&Co
Lyza Danger Gardnerhypothes.is
Andrew Sitnikevil martians
Sebastien ChopinORION
Ilya KlymovWookieeLabs
Michel Weststratemichel.codes
Max SalnikovForgeRock
David KhourshidMicrosoft
Stanimira VlaevaProgress Software
Alexey KozyatinskyNetflix
Basarat Ali SyedAustralia Post
Ruben BridgewaterFreelance Software Architect


Our Program Committee will impartially review your application, regardless of whether you were previously at conferences, your skin color, sex, race, orientation, and favorite IDE.

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1Approval of the talk
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4Cultural activities / Preparty
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7Lots of memories
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The professional conference covers a really large part of the community. Let's count: more than 1000 professionals on the site, no less than 100 online broadcasts, including the corporate ones which covers the entire departments. And that's just the beginning. Videos and articles in professional communities also make it possible to achieve a prolonged effect for many months even after the end of the conference. This means that your knowledge and skills will be in demand by as many professionals in your area as possible.

And remember two rules:

Senior Developer
Middle Developer
Team Lead


Enlarge your recognition in the developer community all around the world
Share your experience with colleagues and increase your value in the market
Extremely improve your presentation skills with the support of the Program Committee
Extend your portfolio using our photos and videos of great quality
Visit the hospitable heart of Russia

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